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Nursery Pencil Control Worksheets – Free Printable

Pencil Control worksheet

Are you looking for free and fun pencil control worksheets for your young students or kids? Look no further, we have made these lovely worksheets where children have to trace over to complete the pattern. This will help to enhance the pencil control that will eventually lead them to good handwriting.

Our amazing pencil control sheets are designed to enhance a child’s fine motor skills and become better writers. print these handy sheets for your child and ask them to trace over the different lines and patterns to complete the image. Our sheets cover different types of lines and patterns including straight, zigzag, curve, loop and hoops. There is also a fun hungry caterpillar sheet, thunder and find a home tracing worksheet.

Once children finish these sheets they are all ready to start practising letter formation and number formation.

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Free Nursery Pencil Control Worksheets

Supplies needed:

  1. Printer
  2. A4 paper
  3. Pencil control sheet
  4. Pencils
  5. Pencil grip (If required)


To download simply click on the image to download PDF format. Print the sheet and hand over to your child and they are all ready to start tracing.

Tracing straight lines:

a fun printable where children have to trace the lines to help the animals get to their food.

Tracing sheet

ZigZag lines pencil control sheet:

Zig zag pencil control

Curved lines tracing worksheet:

pencil Control worksheets

Shapes pencil control worksheet:

A handy shapes worksheet which encourages arising writers to practise pencil control.

shapes pencil control

Hungry Caterpillar pencil control worksheet:

Trace the lines to help caterpillar reach to all the fruits and turn into a butterfly.

Pencil Control Worksheets

Thunder pencil control sheet:

Pencil Control Worksheets

Trace to reach home worksheet:

Trace the lines to help the bird, bee and plane to reach their home.

Pencil Control Worksheets

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