Reception Year 1

8 activities to do with counters + FREE worksheets

What are math counters?

Maths counters are small objects that kids can count and move around to help them do plenty of maths problems. They come in a lot of shapes like teddy bear counters, animal counters and coloured circle counters. Counters are great manipulative as they help children of all ages in their maths problem-solving.

8 activities to do with math counters along with Free worksheets to practice


  • Sorting

Are you looking to teach colours to your little one? Your counters can come handy. With counters you can do colour sorting activity at home, my son enjoyed it thoroughly. I gave him my colour sorting sheet with counters and he sorted them brilliantly.

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  • Patterns

Children start learning patterns as soon as they start reception. You can reinforce their learning with counters at home. Print my patterns sheets and practice repeating patterns and finding missing patterns.

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  • Addition and subtraction

Counters are great fun when they are mixed with egg trays for addition and subtraction. My son loves doing it at home. It really helps him understand the idea of addition and subtraction. Get free printable for counters addition and subtraction by clicking on the link below.

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  • Less or more

The less and more concept is easier to understand with the counter as they can see that right in front of them. Practice them less or more with this Free resource.

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  • Odd and even

Let your child think of a number and count counters for that amount of number. Put the numbers in form of pairs so every single counter has a friend. If a counter has a friend the number is even. If the counter is left out, the number is odd.

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  • Bar graph

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  • Multiplication

Roll the dice game helps build children maths skills. Start by Rolling two dice and build the array on the paper.  For example, if you roll dice and 3 and a 2 comes up then, fill the boxes with the counters.  At the end write the multiplication problem and count the total number of counters.

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  • Sharing

This easier method helps child show how actual sharing works. Give them counters and see them finish this sheet all by themselves.

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