Hajj Colouring Pages for kids – FREE

Free Hajj Colouring Page

Keep children busy with these lovely Hajj colouring pages for kids. The beautiful illustration will keep kids focused for a longer period of time. Download now and start spreading the colours.

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What is hajj?

Hajj is an Islamic pilgrimage that millions of Muslims perform every year in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. During Hajj men wear special cloth to cover their body called ‘Ihram’ and women use a head covering called ‘Hijab’

Why is Hajj so important?

There are five pillars of Islam. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam that every Muslim have to perform once in their lifetime if they are financially and physically capable. It’s a very hectic journey that Muslims believe helps wipe clean their sins and start anew.

How these Hajj colouring pages for kids will help my child?

Our fantastic colouring pages will give children a chance to be creative and show their amazing skills with different colours. It will help them with their fine motor skills. These sheets will also be useful for teachers during the lesson on Hajj. The sheets can be put on display or sent home as a lovely keepsake. 

What are the benefits of colouring?

Colouring help kids improve their fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles of their fingers, hand and wrist. It also improves child concentration level as they focus on a single activity at a time. The other benefits are good handwriting skills, help relieve stress and promote creativity. 

Free Hajj Colouring Pages for kids

These colouring sheets are ideal for use during Eid al Adha or Hajj topic. The worksheets feature Kabba, pillars of Hajj, Praying child and much more.


Click on the image and download the PDF file.

Pillars of Hajj Colouring Hajj Colouring Pages  Hajj Colouring PagesHajj Colouring PagesKaaba Colouring page

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