5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

Build Child's Vocabulary

Help your kids learn new words and get ahead of reading and writing with our amazing tips to enhance your child’s vocabulary skills. 

You all know that vocabulary is the basic component to learn. Vocabulary covers several areas of learning, as it acts as a building block for reading and writing. Without vocabulary, understanding comprehension is quite difficult as it helps you to know the meaning. Not only does it helps your child to produce better results, but it also expands their knowledge and intelligence. Ultimately it is a booster to strengthen your child’s confidence. Above all, for effective communication, your child needs to grow their vocabulary skills. Research shows that our children need vocabulary enrichment if they are to develop rich and varied vocabularies, which is so important to their future reading success. 

Children with good vocabulary skills will not only understand what they have read, but can add it to their daily life. Fluency is another important aspect of success in school. Fluent readers can process information quickly, which allows them to engage with text more deeply- this develops critical thinking. Vocabulary is also important for expanding writing skills. The one with a bank of vocabulary can express their ideas in a better way so others can understand more deeply what they are saying.

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5 Ways to build and improve your child’s vocabulary skills.

Here you can find 5 ways that can really help your child to increase and enhance their vocabulary. 

1. Sight Words Vocabulary flashcards 

Vocabulary flashcards are cards used as an aid for learning new words, definitions and examples of a particular word are written on it. The idea is that you study the card by looking at the definition and example, which helps your child to remember the meaning.

The use of vocabulary flashcards is the oldest and most cost-effective aid for vocabulary enrichment. Vocabulary flashcards can improve your child’s overall language skills. Use of vocabulary flashcards results efficiently as your kid can use the new word easily in their spoken and written expression by knowing its meaning because they have already seen it in context. It also helps them to improve their grammar. 

The best thing about flashcards is that you can make your own flashcards as it is an easy and efficient process. You can make it manually or using a computer – or buy the set of flashcards according to your requirement. It’s easily available everywhere. A great variety of flashcards can be presented to kids that will grasp their interest.  

Have a look at our amazing see and spell sight words flashcards that will make learning tricky words a treat for kids.


2.  Board Games:

If you really want to improve your child’s vocabulary, you should try board games as they are specifically designed to engage and enhance your kids’ vocabulary skills. Board games are a wonderful resource that will make learning fun for your kid. 

Board games like Bananagram and Scrabble help kids to learn learn and explore new words, therefore, enhancing their vocabulary skills. In addition, games like Brainbox-English Cards bring pleasure and fun for the child whilst also reinforcing concepts being taught in classrooms. All these games help promote critical thinking alongside easy and quick learning!



3. Magazines

Magazines are a great and classic source for not only the improvement of vocabulary but also for polishing grammar and writing skills, as they cover a wide range of topics. Kids can choose the topic of their interest in the magazine.  Short articles are designed especially for the kid’s eye so the child can read the text without any problem. A magazine article reads more like a chapter from a book, which makes it easy to digest. Kids will find a number of new words, used in different contexts. The variety of writing styles encourages kids to examine the tones of language and the meaning of words, which in turn improves their overall writing ability.

We have created a list of 11 fun-packed educational magazines that will sharpen your kid’s vocabulary skills. Read more here.


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4. Electric thesaurus 

An electric thesaurus is an online dictionary that is designed to improve kids’ vocabulary. It is a user-friendly program and it is very easy to find the right word using it. Children’s vocabulary will be improved by playing various games and figuring out many puzzles. The thesaurus provides a list of antonyms and synonyms for every word you find.   It features various exercises, thousands of high-quality images and audio files, There is a built-in thesaurus and a visual dictionary – both will make the children love learning new words. The built-in thesaurus provides a variety of user-generated words and the visual dictionary provides photos to search for. The electric thesaurus enhances a child’s vocabulary, comprehension skills and creative writing. Hence, the child would learn a more enriched and enhanced way of speaking, writing and interpreting in their daily life.

5. Books from libraries 

Libraries are an important asset of any nation. The library is an area where you can get multiple resources to enhance your knowledge. You can have easy access to books, understanding materials, magazines and other data sources. Thus, your kids can accomplish a ton of information and knowledge. The significance of libraries is extremely extraordinary and significant for self-awareness.

The significance of libraries is equal for all ages. Libraries give books, admittance to PCs and numerous other important assets for individuals. Learning new words can be enjoyable! Looking at the enormous, lovely bookshelves at your nearby library will definitely provoke the wish of learning in kids. 

A library contains books of all kinds and you can easily borrow them from the library. Books can not only help you to enhance your knowledge but also improve your vocabulary, comprehension skills, as well as communication skills. A variety of books can help to learn a range of new words used in different contexts. Reading books from the library can enhance vocabulary in several ways. Books can,not only help you learn more about a subject, but they can also help develop a more complex vocabulary. Borrowing eBooks from the library can be a great resource for enhancing your vocabulary. There are also many websites that provide book suggestions to help you expand and enrich your knowledge in specific areas!

Child's Vocabulary