8 Best Science Podcasts for kids

best science podcasts for kids

Are you looking for fun and engaging science podcasts for kids that enhance their science understanding?  We have compiled a list of the best science podcasts that are child-friendly and boredom killers on a long journey. Let kids enjoy the beauty of the world more than sinking their faces into the iPads.

The advanced era of technology has the wonderful invention of science podcasts for kids, as they boost your child’s thinking and listening skills. Likewise, your child will be enabled to understand things in a better manner. Additionally, the best thing about podcasts is that they are screen-free, which is the biggest reason that parents are turning towards the use of podcasts; not only as fun but for educational purposes too. The knowledge is transferred in episodes and each episode contains a new topic.

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8 Best Science Podcasts for kids:

Here is our list of the best science podcasts that will keep answering all the questions of your curious kids.

1. Brains on: 

Among the list of best science podcasts “brains on” is at the top. It’s an award-winning podcast. Weekly, a different kid is co-hosted with Molly Bloom to quench the curiosity of inquisitive kids.  Their fascinating questions are answered by interviewing the scientists about their discoveries and amazing experiments. Its data is reliable and valid; moreover,  it’s kids’ friendly and aims to answer the extraordinary questions of kids. As a result, they sometimes even make you speechless. 

Age: 6-12

Brains On Science Podcast

2. Wow in the world: 

For staying updated about the science world, entertaining stories and innovations, “wow in the world” is definitely a useful resource. The hosts Mindy Thomas along with Guy Raz share the latest stories from the world of Science each Monday.  The new and refreshing topics keep the subscribers entertained and keep them aware of what is going on, in the domain of Science. After listening the hearer can’t resist saying WOW!

Age: 8+

wow in the world science podcast

3. The show about Science: 

This podcast is hosted by the most endearing kid Nate, who loves the science world more than anything else.  It was invented by him when he was 5 years old. In each episode, he comes with a new topic and guest to explore the new research, discoveries and experimental study of scientists,  and educators from all over the world. The host tries to impart maximum knowledge from the guests about almost everything from chemistry to climate change, evolution to extraterrestrials, and human brains to bat biology. In conclusion, if you’re also a science lover, then don’t be late to join this show!

Age: 3-9 years 

Science podcast for kids

4. Tumble:

Tumble science podcast is designed to entertain the whole family by telling amazing Science stories with the help of scientists. It is hosted by Lindsay Peterson (science journalist) coupled with a  teacher named Marshall Escamilla. Both husband and wife are aimed to provide a great combination of fun and education. Listening to tumble will actually enable your child to know what Science is! Your child will feel empowered by Listening to Tumble and it will help to understand the basic Scientific concepts. Indeed Science without understanding is useless.

Age: children of all ages.

5. But Why?

This podcast with Jane Lindholm helps to improve critical thinking and provide answers logically. Episodes are loaded with knowledge about the science concepts to help your child to reach their educational goals related to the science field. Particularly ‘But Why’ has the ability to answer your child’s unexpected questions that sometimes even make parents speechless. As the name shows, ‘But Why’  tackles questions, reasons and logic. Hence, it deals with topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world.

Age: 5+

But why science podcast for kids

6. Who Smarted: 

Josh Clark Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant is hosting Who Smarted, in the contemplation of entertaining and edifying children of elementary schools. It does not merely enable them to know the facts and figures but it also stimulates their critical thinking skills. Each episode has a duration of 12 minutes; that’s an ideal time for children’s attentive listening. Additionally, Learning took place through games and using humour. Who Smarted is really a smart choice for your kid. 

Age: 6-10 years 

Kids best podcast

7. The Kids Science Weekly

Your kid’s mind will be blown up amazingly by listening to The Fun Kids Science Weekly as the twenty minutes episodes are crammed up with the week’s biggest and most amazing story; accompanied by the experts of the science field to answer your related questions. It’s a big bang of enchanting stories in a little bit deadly way. So, if you are an adventurous person, start listening right now.

Age: 5+

weekly science podcast

8. Houston We Have a Podcast

This podcast is jumbled up with plenty of knowledge, stories, facts and figures; about science and space. So, little astronauts hurry up to flinch the staggering podcast for kids Houston We Have a Podcast. Don’t forget to list up your queries about space to ask from the astronauts and expert guests.

Age: kids of all ages.

Houston podcast kids

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