Year 2

How to teach fractions to Year 2 children?

The word fraction is enough to scare children and send a chill down their spines. Once, I asked a group of teachers that, which subject children find most hard to grasp? The answer was not much different from my own observation. Well, they replied Fractions and Telling time, so I thought my next two topics will be on Fraction and telling time for sure. My daughter also used to find fractions complex and challenging, but not anymore. I taught her fraction through daily life objects. I learnt from my experience is that if children start understanding, how we use them then it won’t be a tough topic for them anymore. I highly recommend using maths manipulative to teach fractions. You don’t have to buy them you can use Lego blocks, skittles or marbles instead. (Free Fraction Booklet at the bottom of the page)

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What is a fraction?

Fractions tell us how many parts of a whole we have. The fractions are normally written with one number up and another number down with a slash in between. The following picture shows how the fraction is written.

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We use fractions daily in our normal life. As parents we divide day life objects between our children, that’s fraction.

Three steps to teach fraction.

  • The first step is to introduce children what fractions are. For this, I have found this YouTube video really informative. This will explain the topic really well to your children.

  • The second step is to show them this PowerPoint. It helps them understand the topic in-depth and make them ready to solve the fractions booklet below.

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  • Print the Fraction booklet and start working out.

I hope you enjoy this topic. If you find any mistakes or error please contact me on Facebook and I will rectify them. Thanks